Valve Box Repair Kit

The Tools You Need to Repair Water Valves

Everything You Need for Valve Box Repairs

Snowplows and heavy trucks damage valve boxes year after year throughout your city or property. Order all the repair kits you need to quickly replace and maintain these boxes when spring comes.

The Innovative Solution for Valve Box Repair

Kerf Cutter Valve Box Repair Kit is the ideal choice for water departments and municipalities. Its design allows for the valve box to rise and settle evenly with the road when grounds are either saturated or subject to frost heave, reducing the risk of damage by snowplows or heavy trucks.

Each kit comes complete with the following components, packaged specifically for use with the Kerf Cutter:

Our exclusive kit comes complete with the following features:

  Slide 11″ cast iron valve box top. A low cost, long lasting, easy to replace and maintain solution to damaged or broken valve boxes.
  Cutting wheel. For precise cutting use with Kerf Cutter.
✓  Butyl gasket. Our dark gray permanently soft, non-drying tape sealant compound contains virgin butyl polymer to form a long lasting, debris free seal.
  Urethane-based adhesive. Hardens within minutes and offers an elastic, long lasting impact resistant bond for a solid seal.
    Three year comprehensive warranty on all parts.

    We stand behind our durability with a comprehensive warranty on all parts: just pay for shipping, and we’ll fix it for free.

    In stock! Usually ships within 24 hours.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many kits should I order?

    You will use one kit for each broken valve box.

    We have threaded tops, will this work for us?

    Yes. However, this slip fit top allows the valve box to recede when the frost goes out. It floats with the pavement.

    What if we have missing asphalt around the newly repaired box top?

    We recommend a water-activated cold patch product, called Aquaphalt, which is a long-lasting solution.

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    brandon slater
    Missing parts

    Boxes were damaged from shipping and missing parts reached out with pictures as requested and I have not gotten a replay

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