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HydroVerge makes powerful and innovative tools that reduce costs, reduce on-the-job injuries, and increase productivity for municipalities, private/industrial water systems, and street departments. The patented technology and 3-year warranty on the Hydrant Buddy & Kerf Cutter make our products must-haves for hydrant and gate valve flushing and exercising, as well as repairing and replacing valve boxes.

The easier and safer solution tohydrant flushing.

Repair broken valve boxes in just 10 minutes.

3-Year comprehensive warranty on Hydrant Buddy
and Kerf Cutter

Our mission is to improve waterworks

At HydroVerge we create tools that are powerful, innovative, and make work in the waterworks industry safer and more productive. We are proud to offer the Hydrant Buddy, Kerf Cutter and the Valve Box Repair Kit. Every tool we develop is made with our mission of improving waterworks in mind, and we look forward to creating new products to achieve this mission as well as striving to improve our current tools. Please contact us today for more information on all of our tools.

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