Kerf Cutter

Repair Valve Boxes Quickly & Efficiently

Every year, municipalities and property management companies start the long, expensive project of repairing valve boxes. You bring in costly, heavy equipment to cut asphalt, dig down to the base of the broken valve box, replace the valve box, fill the hole, tamp the soil… then, finally, patch the pavement.

But, next year, the pavement settles, and you need to repair it again.

Projects that once took 10 hours… complete in 10 minutes

Kerf Cutter is the latest innovation for municipal water and street departments to fix broken valve boxes. With this tool, a single operator replaces a multi-person crew with a long-lasting solution that rises and settles with the pavement, so it won’t need to be repaired year after year.

This handheld, electrical tool has a circular blade on the end to insert into the valve box and cut off the top of the valve box. Once the broken section is removed, the operator inserts a new top and levels the new valve top with the pavement using only a hammer.

"It used to take us a couple weeks to fix all our broken gate valves. Now we can get them all fixed in a day."

What Once Took 10 Hours to Repair a Broken Valve Box, Now Takes 10 Minutes and Often Less With Kerf Cutter’s Three Easy Steps for a Better, Less Expensive, and Long Lasting Repair

Sound Too Good to be True?

We know you may have a hard time imagining this process taking significantly less time, effort, and resources to complete. Watch how easy we make it in the video below, then call for a demo and see for yourself!

Patent No. 9599271

Eliminate street closures, traffic disruptions, and community frustration:
Kerf Cutter more than pays for itself in the first year.


✓ No Shovels
✓ No Heavy Equipment
✓ No Pavement Patching

Three year comprehensive warranty on all parts.

We stand behind our durability with a comprehensive warranty on all parts: just pay for shipping, and we’ll fix it for free.

Product Specifications

•  Powerful handheld 110 volt, 15 amp lightweight Bosch motor.

•  A starter set of 4.5”, 5” and 6” cutoff wheels

•  6” diameter, 2” thick, 16 grit concrete and asphalt grinding wheel

•  Puller to extract broken valve box from concrete, asphalt, landscaping brick and gravel.

•  Basket and Ring for clean, level, uniform cuts every time.

•  4” Depth Gauge for precision measurement

Motor Type:Corded Bosch
In stock! Usually ships within 24 hours.

Kerf Cutter In Action

Frequently Asked Questions

How can this tool change the process so significantly?

Kerf Cutter changes the way you think about repairing broken valve boxes. We encourage you to watch the video and request a demo to see it in action.

How many people are needed to complete the process?

With the Kerf Cutter, it’s a one-person job!

Do you work through distributors?

Yes, we are happy to work with your local distributor. We are still available to explain the process and answer your questions, even if you do not order directly through HydroVerge.

Request an On-Site Demonstration

Call us at (952) 484-8610, email or fill out the form below with any questions or to schedule an on-site demonstration today.

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