What makes Hydrant Buddy a better option than turning by hand?

  • You’ll get a more consistent turn speed with the Hydrant Buddy than turning by hand. This reduces the chance to cause water hammer.
  • If a valve hasn’t been turned in years, it can be extremely difficult to turn by hand alone.
  • If you’re spinning 20+ valves per day, using Hydrant Buddy helps protect workers’ backs and shoulders. These types of injuries leave you open to worker’s compensation claims and missed work.
  • Even if you normally take care of hydrants by hand, the Hydrant Buddy will help with precarious locations with hard to operate valves, such as locations next to buildings or on a hillside.

Does this work on both valves and hydrants?

Yes absolutely! The Hydrant Buddy is equally effective for valves and hydrants. It is specifically designed to go no faster than an operator can typically turn a valve manually. Furthermore, it has a variable speed trigger that the operator can easily use to adjust the speed as needed.

What accessories do I need to use the Hydrant Buddy?

We have a variety of options for valves from underground to above ground and numerous socket options and adaptors. Check out our Gate Valve Keys and Sockets, and learn more about our adapter here.

How do the batteries hold up?

This will depend on the individual valve. If it is a sticky valve, it may burn up a lot of the battery. If it is well-maintained, you could get 15-20 hydrants before needing to recharge. The Hydrant Buddy comes with 2 batteries and 1 charger.

How much torque can you put on it?

The tool will put out up to 400 static ft. lbs.

How long will my Hydrant Buddy last?

The Hydrant Buddy is a well-designed, quality-built tool with an unlimited 3 year warranty. If you maintain the tool properly, it will last long past those 3 years. Follow us on Facebook for maintenance tips.

Does this tool cause water hammer damage?

We’ve designed the tool to go no faster than a person can reasonably manually turn a valve. The trigger also allows for complete speed control for the operator. The reaction arm provides constant feedback to the operator regarding resistance so the operator can feel the valve just like when manually turning.