Hydrant Buddy

An innovative solution to valve exercising challenges

Valve Exercising Can Be Fast, Easy, and Safe

The Hydrant Buddy was designed with operators in mind.
Take a look at its innovative features:

"Cities are under increasing pressure to exercise their hydrants and valves to prevent damage resulting from lack of exercising. When you have a tool like Hydrant Buddy that makes the work easier, safer and faster for the operator, the valves and hydrants get exercised more regularly and the whole water system is improved.”


Jeff Backlund

Inventor and President

Jeff has always been very handy. He has been interested in mechanics since he was a kid, when he took his bikes apart to make modifications. He’s from a small town in Minnesota where life was slow and quiet, just right for a kid to be busy tinkering in the garage.

Jeff started HydroVerge in 2009 using his experience as a business consultant, general contractor and hydraulic tools representative. He knows how important quality products and great customer service are to the success of any business.

An innovative solution to workplace injuries

Making Hydrant Flushing Safer

The Hydrant Buddy was developed in cooperation with Minnesota municipalities to reduce injuries, increase productivity, and reduce the cost of work. The Hydrant Buddy makes work easier and reduces the risk of the following injuries often associated with hydrant flushing:

  • Rotator cuff tears and tendonitis
  • Lower back strain and fatigue
  • Tennis elbow
  • Pinched spinal nerves
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Joint pain


PATENT #8677862

By having the significant displacement of the motor controlling second hand grip position, the operator naturally chooses a better stance and naturally dissociates the motor control hand from the torque sustaining hand in operation of the power wrench. While many gearboxes use sun gears, ours has an eccentric drive, which is a walking gear. It is a small gear box that can handle a tremendous amount of load. This allows a very compact size for a high load on the gears. It is made of all aircraft grade aluminum. High strength and low weight.

The Hydrant Buddy won a PRIMA (Public Risk Management Association) award nominated by the League of MN Cities.