Repair Valve Boxes – Faster, Better, and Less Expensive

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Kerf Cutter makes repairing broken valve boxes quick, easy and long lasting.  No longer is there a need to bring in costly and dangerous heavy equipment to cut asphalt, dig out the broken section of the road and patch the pavement only to see the road settle months later and having to fix it again next year.

Kerf Cutter is the latest innovation for municipal water and street departments to fix broken valve boxes.

Kerf Cutter is a handheld, electric tool with a circular blade on the end. It is inserted into the valve box and cuts off the top of the valve box. Once that is removed, a new top can be inserted and leveled with the pavement.

Patent No. 9599271


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Three year comprehensive warranty on all parts.

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What once took 10 hours to repair a broken valve box, now takes 10 minutes and often less with Kerf Cutter’s three easy steps for a better, less expensive, and long lasting repair

Kerf cutter eliminates the need for closing busy streets for long periods of time, reducing traffic disruption and community frustration. Kerf Cutter’s will change the way you think about repairing broken value boxes.

  • Our powerful 110 volt, 15 amp lightweight Bosch motor Kerf Cutter will more than pay for itself in the first year.
  • No Shovels
  • No Heavy Equipment
  • No Pavement Patching

No longer will it take 3 employees and a half a day to fix a single broken valve box, which will likely need repair again in just a few seasons.

  • Kerf Cutter’s powerful handheld 110 volt, 15 amp lightweight Bosch motor is up for any task.
  • A starter set of 4.5”, 5” and 6” cutoff wheels makes for fast cutting and precision work.
  • Our 6” diameter, 2” thick, 16 grit concrete and asphalt grinding wheel, makes for quick work.
  • Kerf Cutter’s Puller is used to extract broken valve box from concrete, asphalt, landscaping brick and gravel.
  • Kerf Cutter’s Basket and Ring is used to make a clean cutting, level, uniform cuts every time.
  • Kerf Cutter’s 2’ Cut Gauge insures precision measuring for that required perfect cut.

So confident in our product we offer a three year comprehensive warranty on all parts.


(5 customer reviews)

5 reviews for Kerf Cutter

  1. Kerf Cutter Customer

    “We’ve been waiting for this tool for 20 years.”

  2. Kerf Cutter Customer

    “It used to take us a couple weeks to fix all our broken gate valves. Now we can get them all fixed in a day.”

  3. Kerf Cutter Customer

    “Every time we use it, it saves us $500.”

  4. Kerf Cutter Customer

    “The plow drivers love us for fixing the broken gate valves before they hit them.”

  5. Kerf Cutter Customer

    “We’ve used it over 140 times in the last 18 months!”

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